Nirmal Initiative Colouring Book

Guide for Parents/Guardians

A fun, creative and interactive colouring book for you and your child/ward to discuss child sexual abuse in a calm and appropriate environment. It allows you, as parents, to discuss what sexual abuse is, the safety measures your child can take if they are at risk of being abused or what they can do if they are being abused. By allowing children to colour in this book, they can also learn the proper names for the parts of the body and are better able to communicate if they have been abused. Moreover, they can also learn about “grooming” - what a potential abuser will do to win the trust of the child and his/her parents/guardians .

For Children

A fun colouring book for you to enjoy with your parent/guardian. This colouring book is different to others as you will not only learn to colour but also learn more about good and bad touch, and how you can protect yourself and your friends from a grown up who is doing wrong.

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